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Local SEO Australia is an SEO Company in Sydney which enables local businesses to access qualified leads and grow their business through Google rankings

Do you run a Local Business and are looking for more customers? – This Sydney SEO Company is surely here to help you

Did you know that thousands of people search on the internet for local businesses in local areas every month? If you not on page 1 of google for your target keywords, your business is surely missing out on leads and potential customers. You can potentially grow your business multiple folds in a matter of just a few months and start competing with the big names that compete against you.

We offer Guaranteed, Affordable & Risk-Free Local and Offline SEO Packages For Local Businesses

We are so confident of our service of ranking your business on the first page of Google that we only accept payment from you after we have delivered our service to you – and we rank your business for general keywords that people are typing in the google search box.

We realize that not everyone knows your business name and we also know that it is extremely simple to rank on Google for a specific business name, but that does not help promote your business. That is why it is important that your business ranks on page 1 for general keywords that people are typing. If we don’t succeed in ranking your business on the first page for general keywords, you are welcome to a full refund and you also keep the benefit of the efforts that our team has put in for you – completely free.

We are a small team of Local Business SEO professionals based in Sydney, Australia, and we have the tools and skills to handle SEO for local businesses throughout Australia and Internationally too.

What does our Local Business SEO Package include?

SEO Company Sydney Create your Google listings or claim existing Google listings

SEO Company Sydney Research your business from the Google perspective

SEO Company Sydney Perform keyword research and analyze online competition

SEO Company Sydney Assemble and upload all necessary data for Google listings

SEO Company Sydney Optimize your Business listing based on our researched and tested techniques, while applying our skills to your local business

SEO Company Sydney Establish a presence of your business on the internet at authoritative sources

SEO Company Sydney Perform basic SEO optimization on your website if necessary

SEO Company Sydney Creating and publishing online media, including video, images, etc where necessary

How long does it take to start ranking on the first page of google for keywords that are relevant to the local business?

It can take anywhere between 1 week and 3.5 months to rank on the first page of google for target keywords. Our team at Google SEO Australia SEO applies established and trusted methods that allow ranking of businesses with a long term vision of maintaining high standings and rankings for target keywords.

Google Local SEO is a 3-Phase process – outlined below.


It is very important to know “how many” people & “what” actually people are typing in Google when they are searching for a particular local service / business. We research your market and find words & phrases that people are actually searching for and get hands on great “highly searched” and “highly relevant” keywords that are specific to your business.


Once market and keyword research is complete, we commence the ranking activity and keep working tirelessly on it till we get you on the first page.


For you to reap the real benefits of search engine rankings, it is necessary to MAINTAIN your business listing on the first page, otherwise your competitors will take your rankings over and you will start to lose business as your rankings drop quickly. We ensure that your business remains on page 1 of google and continuously work to make the positions stronger to establish your spot.

Our Service cost vs Service value?

The price we charge  is far lower compared to the great monetary business value it can generate for you. Furthermore, larger SEO companies in Sydney charge thousands of dollars for this service and they get paid this money too – because the companies who hire them know the value of it.

In fact your competition is most probably using these techniques right now to outrank you and snatch business from you without you even knowing.

Is your service affordable? – You bet it is (Our service is a whopping 600% cheaper than the competition and it comes with a guarantee)

The pricing for phases 1 (market and keyword research) and 2 (get business ranked) described above start from only $400. This can vary depending on the number of keywords to be  optimized and the amount of market competition for those keywords.

For phase 3 (maintenance), the pricing starts from only $400 per month and the maintenance cost varies depending on the number of keywords optimized and the amount of market competition for the keywords.

So are you willing to give your business this online exposure to people already trying to find business services like yours? Is your business capable of handling a great flow of business coming from this online exposure?

Disadvantages of using Google adwords campaigns

While there are several short term advantages of adwords campaigns, most of the disadvantages mentioned below apply to adwords campaigns too – these issues therefore frequently work against your business when compared to organic search results.

a) You pay for every user click and the clicks can be extremely expensive depending on the market and the nature of competition

b) You need to set limits on the amount of spending and therefore you end up limiting exposure because keywords are being heavily bid for

c) You end up limiting your business exposure because of Google ad rotation – your ad does not show up every time a search result is displayed, it is rotated regularly, therefore you end up not capturing all the possible leads

d) Your website or business never gains a long term online reputation. The moment you stop paying, your website dies and your business can very well plummet with it.

e) Organic results are considered to have higher regard in the perspective of the search engine users, as opposed to adwords. Your business is naturally perceived to have a high reputation as it does not require to pay google to appear in page 1 search results.

What should I do next?

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Which other services do you provide?

We also offer Mobile Website Design, Desktop website design and Web Hosting for local businesses. Contact us now so we can help your local business get the exposure it deserves!!