Local Citation Finder Software for Google Places and Local Businesses

Get your Google Places business ranked higher by accessing targeted and authoritative Citation Sites using Google Local Citation Finder software

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Why do you need Google Local Citation Finder?

Your Google Places listing is worth a lot less (if not worth nothing) without citations and every niche has its own authoritative citations sites. The worthlessness of Google Places businesses is even more profound for new businesses or newly created place pages – you just cant rank on page 1 without citations with brand new place pages.

For those who have been involved with Google Places, I just don’t need to explain the extreme importance of Citation Sites, just press the buy button :), but for others, the more citations you have associated with your place page, the higher the rankings can get. There are several factors that affect Google places rankings and citations is by far the most important – this is why Local Citation Finder is so important.

Local Citation Finder is a must-have seo tool for those serious about ranking their businesses or their Google Places clients

Google Local Citation Finder is designed to harvest the ocean of citation sites from within the high ranking Google places results. It not only harvests these sites, but arranges them in priority order.

Other major reasons why Google Local Citation Finder is extremely important for your Local SEO efforts

  • Google lists different citation sites for different niches / business categories
  • Google prefers LOCAL citation sites (down to the level of City / Town / Suburb) in several instances
  • Google likes LOCAL citation sites for the LOCAL country that the business belongs to
  • You don’t have to keep digging Google to get tired of finding citation sites for every business type you target. Simply insert your keywords and the citation sites get listed right in front of your eyes, while you sip coffee.

Here are some of the powerful features of Google Local Citation Finder software

  • Google Local Citation Finder is Desktop software. It runs from your computer without restrictions
  • There are no monthly or yearly payments to be made to access citation sites. Explore as many niches and keywords as you like
  • No limit on the number of searches per day or per hour
  • No limit on the number of keywords
  • No restrictions on the number of results
  • Complete and customizable built-in control of search engine courtesy to avoid temporary IP bans or 503 errors
  • You can choose how many businesses you would like to explore citations for
  • Get results in a matter of seconds
  • You can extract citation sites from businesses in 45 countries across the globe
  • The program summarizes the list of citation sites by priority based on how many times it is used in the businesses
  • You can filter the results by keyword
  • The software also contains a detailed view which lists down all the URLs for deep exploring
  • Automatic result filtering and skimming of duplicate results if the same site appears for multiple keywords, therefore more accurate results
  • Clicking on the URLs on any of the views (summary or detailed) loads the page in your browser
  • Export results to CSV / excel for further analysis

Which countries are currently supported in Google Local Citation Finder?

Currently, citation sites are extracted from over 40 Google countries in Google Local Citation Finder. The list of supported countries is as follows.

  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • India
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Phillipines
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Vietnam
  • Turkey
  • Morocco
  • Bosnia
  • Algeria
  • Bolivia
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Singapore
  • Chile
  • Ukraine
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Latvia
  • Jamaica
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Hungary, and
  • Belgium

How much for Google Local Citation Finder Software?


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72 comments to Local Citation Finder Software for Google Places and Local Businesses

  • Are citations more important than regular backlinks when it comes to ranking in Google Places for local keywords?

    • Admin

      This is always an interesting debate. Citations infact act as backlinks anyway, but they are backlinks to your website and not to your place page. Whether you should have backlinks to your place page or not is an issue I have not had any conclusive results for, so I am not sure about this. There is one important thing to note though, regular backlinks to your website should certainly benefit in cases where the google places results are merged with organic listings.
      So, as a conclusion to your question, citations and backlinks are quite different to each other in the context of Google Places.

  • The number one thing to improving in Google Places has to definitely be claiming your Places page. Just claiming it, without optimizing it(although you should), might jump your ranking even up to several pages depending on where you started. Of course optimizing it to 100% and getting good citations is ideal.

  • It seems that customer reviews are looking to be more significant to search engine rankings, especially on Google.

    • Admin

      While I agree that reviews are important and infact reviews sometimes get picked up as citations too, citations are just like backlinks as they are for organic seo, just in the reverse order for local businesses. In this context and in the context of how seo has been for years, I have always found that citations is what changes the rankings.

  • Peter Fry

    What is the difference between a review and a citation and which is more important for Google Places listings ….I love your software!

    • Admin

      Hi Peter,
      Adding reviews has not been a factor in the rankings I have achieved, however others have reported reviews to be a factor. The overall facts about seo in general point towards citations being the most important, however reviews should definitely assist. SEO has always been about how much recognition a site has on the internet and citations are just a unique twist of that, albeit specifically for local businesses.

      Reviews: What people think about a business based on their experiences.

      Citations: All the authoritative places on the internet that the business is mentioned in some form or the other.

      I am glad you liked the software and thank you for purchasing.

  • Guy

    I thought this software was free. Why am I asked to pay now after I submitted my email.

    • Admin

      Hi Guy,
      The Citation Finder is not free, however the Pack Finder is.
      Please carefully read the email – it contains the download link for the Pack Finder.

  • Scott

    I purchased, downloaded and installed CF but get this error when i run it. “Unable to find a version of the runtime to this application”

    • Admin

      Hi Scott, thank you for your purchase.
      Please run windows update ( and ensure that you install all the .net updates that are presented to you (esp up to .net 3.5). It is also preferred that you have at least Internet Explorer 8 installed on your system. You will need to login as the Administrator of your computer if you are not setup as the administrator already. The software requires .net components of windows and the error you are experiencing is a typical .net related problem.
      If you would like further assistance, pls raise a support ticket at

  • Luke

    so once you found popular citation websites, how do you submit your business to that site… is there a process?

    • Admin

      Hey Luke. The Citation Finder presents you with the list of citation sites – just double click on each of them to load the sites in the browser. Once loaded in the browser, fill out the registration details on each of the sites and add all the business details within the profile to create your citations. Repeat this process for every link that the software provides you with. It is as easy as that because of the citation finder.

  • Mate I sent the chops and got a Paypal receipt but no link for a download yet

    Can you check and see if you have a bug in the system?



    • Admin

      Hey John, it has worked automatically for those who bought after you, so not sure what happened there. Regardless, I have sent you a manual download link to your email, no worries.

  • All good buddy . . . got it!
    I’ve got no idea why the email didn’t arrive, I run my email through a GMail account to filter out spam, but checked Mail, Trash and Spam and couldn’t find it.
    But I must say it’s happened before, where GMail completely kills emails that haven’t been white listed
    Cheers, and thanks again mate

  • Martin

    This is Great Stuff..whaaaaat!!!!

  • any chance you’ll release a mac .dmg format of this software?

    • Admin

      Becci, this is currently not planned, however if anyone would perhaps help find someone to assist with the programming or conversion to the mac version, I will be happy to team up. Till then, we are limited to Windows unfortunately. However, thanks for your interest and I will keep this in mind for future software releases.

  • Epic Win

    This is definitely an Epic Win!

  • Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  • You have made things so much easier for the small business owners. At least I have a clear picture in my mind about making profits.

  • Roy


    Just want to ask several question:

    1) For submission of my business infos to the Citation sites. From your experiences, do I should submit it all at once OR by daily OR Weekly basis, lets say I got 50 Citation sites to be submitted for my “keyword” ?

    2) Do you use any outsource for submit your Business infos to the Citation sites. If does, can you recommend it to me. You can email me?



    • Admin

      Hi Roy,
      1) It hasnt really made a difference – I have done both. I generally give it a big go at the start, then follow through with additional citations on a regular basis. The good thing about the Citation Finder is that you can tweak the keywords within the same niche and get new sites every time – just keep building your list of sites. Google will eventually index and reward you.
      2) I do, wont be able to do this otherwise. It gets boring very quickly. I recommend using Jim – he has been through a systematic process of identifying outsourcers and has put a good management structure around the submission criteria. You can get jim here –

  • Eugene


    My issue is with competition. I live in New Jersey (U.S.) The cities here are all very small, so most of the terms that get searched for businesses have local identifier like “NJ” or “New Jersey” at the end. Unfortunately, these terms are also competitive, because they are statewide, as opposed to citywide.

    For example, one of my clients does laser hair removal. When I type the term “laser hair removal nj”, I get the local listings and almost all of them already have 10-30+ reviews on their listings.

    Will this software still help me to rank these businesses on the first page, even with such competitive terms? What criteria do I use to find out how competitive a local seo keyword will be when searching, so I know whether to tell the business I can get 1st page or not??


    • Admin

      Hi Eugene. You have covered a lot of different google places topics in your comment and each of them has long answers. However, let me try and answer them quickly.
      When you use the citation finder, it sure comes out with citation sites, however several reviews sites come up frequently too. This is because there a lots of citation sites out there that allow the ability to post reviews on them so go ahead and post honest reviews everywhere you want. 10 to 30 reviews is not a big thing to be honest, i have seen hundreds of reviews per business, since I have worked with restaurants – but dont let reviews scare you, just optimize them for the keywords and get them in there. Keyword optimization, organic seo, place page completion, google localization, place page optimization and citations are the key factors of ranking from my experience. Out of these factors, citations are the most influential and no matter how many sites you add the business to, you should still add to more and thats why I need the Citation Finder – coz I can keep on varying my keywords all the time for a particular niche and every time I do this I get new sites to put the business onto. About whether this software will help you rank or not, it absolutely will – just make sure that you are doing everything else in addition to citations, while keeping your keywords in focus in everything you do, and patience will get you there.

  • Justin

    Agreed – this is great looking software – but not for Mac!! Aaargh!

    Please let me know if you do make a mac version.

  • Wayne

    Could you please confirm that this software works well in Australia?

    If so, how many citation sites does it give for Australia?



    • Admin

      Hi Wayne, yes the software works for Australia. The citation cites are keyword and location targeted, so you can get hundreds or tens, it is up to you. It all depends on your keywords and niches. This is the beauty of the software, it adapts to your specified location, niche and keywords. I noticed you just purchased, thanks for your business. Happy exploring.

  • Hello:

    I would like to know if your software can find citations for Argentina and Colombia.



  • Hi,

    I bought the software yesterday and it’s now giving me a “503 server unavailable” error. It’s not working now.

    Any suggestions?

    • Admin

      Hi Darren, the software works fine. I have sent you detailed instructions and software settings on your email address. It should work just fine if you set it up as explained.

  • Hi
    I am from Sri lanka & would be interested if you could cover
    my country.

    Would appreciate whethet it ca be done and if so around when.

    Great talking.

    dileepa / justfun54

  • Sue Ann

    Good Day,

    I have several questions to ask you. Hope you’re OK with it. My questions as below:

    1) If I want to choose client to work with & ensure for ranking at A spot & not fail and waste times, what’s the criteria that should I focus:

    a) Is it the location of client, which mean my client location is outside OR far from current/existing 1, 3, 7 packs listing. If this happened, what should I do, should I choose the other client that near with listing OR How?

    2) If I create the KML Map file. Where should I locate the file if my client using wordpress. Some people mentioned its should be located at Cpanel, but where actually the exact location to make it works. Appreciate if you can give me the steps/directions to locate it?

    3) What is the Best promised/word that should I use to convince my clients about their Places will list top in Google, from your experiences?

    3a) What consideration should I evaluate before promise to my clients?

    4) Some people advice to make it happen first, than ask for payment from clients, are you thinks this is worth it, from your experiences?

    Thanks for your times for help me to figure out my queries. Appreciate if you can answers by numbering basis.


    -Sue Ann

    • Admin

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      1a) Generally, your ideal client is located after the 7 pack. You can find these companies by clicking on the “more results near ……”. If you are able to tap into the clients in this vicinity from pages 1 to 5, you have a great chance of ranking them higher much quicker and easier. There are several considerations here, some of which I have listed below.
      - How many citations does the competition have?
      - How many other keywords is the chosen client ranking for (you can use our new Google Places Rank Tracker software to easily check this)
      - Compare the optimization of your target business to the competition.
      - Generally, dont get into too much analysis, which then leads to paralysis. If you do the top 2 items listed above and are generally confident, it is most likely going to be fine.

      2) Save the kml file in the “public_html folder” – doesnt matter what you use to do that – you can do it through ftp or the cpanel file manager.

      3) and 3a) Never promise the world to clients, be cautious. I generally go with a promise of 1 to 2 keywords after checking 3 things – current rankings for multiple related keywords (using rank tracker), competition (citations and sometimes reviews too), search volumes for the targeted keywords. I have generally achieved rankings for 30 to 70 keywords for clients even though I was optimizing for 3 or so, coz Google does reward you when you spread the citations on various sites. It can be a nightmare trying to track rankings for all of these keywords, and what you will generally find is that clients obviously go for high search volume keywords (which also have high competition), so you will struggle to achieve rankings immediately, which brings us to the next natural point 4 below.

      4) I regularly keep tracking the various related keywords that the client might have achieved rankings for (using the google places rank tracker software) so that we can report progress on a wider scale to demonstrate factual achievement. Once you have demonstrated progress, you can genuinely ask for money if you have adopted the strategy of result based payments. If you decide to take this route, make sure you have a written contract with the client. There are also some people out there who have made dodgy place pages, ranked them and then rent them out to people – I would recommend you stay away from that coz it will get you into trouble some day and it may well be a violation of the google terms.

      Hope this helps.

  • Ivan

    I like the software but it doesn’t seem to function for me. When I start the software I get a message that an exception has occurred during a webClient request. Then when I do my search for every keyword I’ve tried, I get zero results.
    I am sure there is a fix for that. Any idea?
    Thank you.

    • Admin

      A new release will be available again (free for current customers) by end of August 2011, after we have completed some updates. Apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

  • Robynne Collier

    Please provide an update on when the citation software will be available to purchase.

    Thank you Robynne

    • Admin

      Hi, Citation Finder will be available again by end of August 2011, after we have completed some updates.

  • Can you tell me if the software is still available for purchase?

    • Admin

      Citation Finder will be available again by end of August 2011, after we have completed some updates.

  • Ed

    Hi –

    This looks great!

    I had a couple of questions regarding working with multiple clients.

    1) Is it possible to save a configuration file for a particular client so that keywords that are important to find the citations can be automatically loaded by loading the config file?

    2) If I am managing multiple clients, does CF provide the ability to save/load already claimed citations? It would be really useful if your software could populate a column of checkboxes when loading a client that would let us know which citation sites we have already worked on.

    This per-client configuration file could just be a simple text file that CF saves and then loads next time you work on a client.

    Since you’re digging in the code right now, perhaps you could add this functionality.


    • Admin

      Hi Ed, thanks for stopping by.
      1) I use “good old” notepad as the config file to be honest – just collect, copy and paste the keywords from there. We had thought of this, however the user feedback we have had is that they dont use this feature and like to have the flexibility rather than the restriction of specific configuration formats. But I can see your point. Hopefully notepad solution helps.
      2) The way I currently handle this is by using the “export to CSV” and “Copy” functions. This way I get the flexibility of tracking and functionality of excel both. I agree that this is a good feature to have and we will consider this for future versions.
      Hopefully I have helped with your questions. Please make sure you signup into the form above so you get notified when the software becomes available again.

      • Ed

        1) I’m a big fan of the KISS methodology, so Notepad works just fine. :o)

        2) Does “Export to CSV” export the entire dataset returned, or can you select a subset?

        In general, how often do the citations that are returned change in a significant way if you query them month after month? Have you noticed them changing drastically? Does the “Count” change very much from month-to-month? Can you use the “Count” to target the best citations and then work your way down the list from there?


        • Admin

          1) Cool :)
          2) Export to CSV exports everything relevant to the section on which export is clicked.

          They change quite frequently for some keywords and don’t change at all for other keywords. I just use the software to collect the sites and keep adding the sites to my list. You have explained the purpose of count exactly as I would have done, thats exactly the purpose of it. The results start to become irrelevant as the count reduces, so a little more filtering will be required. Just outsource the creation of citations after that – you can use Jim for this if you want –

          • Ed

            Thanks for the link. Jim’s already on my list for “secret sauce”. So far, I’ve not had to tap into that to rank my clients, but if I get into a more competitive market/area, or if some of the competitors to my clients start to give me trouble, I’ll pull the trigger for sure…

  • Is the software still working since Google removed citations from being listed on each places page?

    • Admin

      Hi Adaptise, yes the software was affected, however a working version is being released in 2 days. You will receive an email if you have put in your email address in the form above.

  • Laci

    Hi! I plan to purchase your citation finder, but I want to know first and ask you to add Hungary to the countries too. It would be great to have my country in it. Thanks for your Reply!

    • Admin

      Hi Laci, thanks for your interest. The reality is that the software will work wherever Google Places shows, even though the country is not listed. However, if you raise a ticket on I will be happy to provide you a few sample results that will help you decide if you would like to take the plunge. In your ticket, please include the keyword and location. Thanks.

  • Andy

    When is the Citation Finder going to be available for purchasing again? Any set date yet? thanks

  • Hey this an awesome tool. Does the software still work even though there has been a major shift on how is showing these places pages? They are no longer showing “More About This Page”…

    • Admin

      Hi Jonathan, the software has been completely redone and it works perfectly now after the updates. I am just completing the tutorial and intro video and will send an email shortly with all the information for the download. Thanks for your patience.

  • Tim

    You mentioned that the softawre will be ready by the end of August. Any idea of when the updated version will be ready?

    • Admin

      Hi Tim, I am just completing the tutorial and intro video and will send an email shortly with all the information for the download. Thanks for your patience.

  • I mix Google Place listings with mobile website adaptation and find clients understand the importance of what I am suggesting and do it. This software is a very strong part of my arsenal in what I am doing

  • What is the issue in the recent Update for Google Places? When do you expect your Citation Finder to be available again?

    • Admin

      Citation Finder will be available today in a few hours. All the issues due to the recent google updates have been resolved.

  • Hi
    I would be interested if you could cover more countries

  • Admin

    Hey hey!!!! Citation Finder is now available again and the video is also updated. If you are an existing customer, dont you worry – you will get the download for free, stay tuned and check your email – you will receive it shortly.

    Have fun exploring the citation sites.

  • Nat

    Too bad it doesn’t work with Mac. Developers always seem to leave us out.

  • Would like to know whether software works if my keyword is in Thai language? Can it read and search citation as I am in Thailand? I am giving you this keyword “??????????????????” and see if you can search it. I am serious buyer, but just didn’t want to buy something I cannot use. So can you give me the results to prove your software can search Thai. Appreciate much. Shane

  • Sean

    Ditto on Mac, would have bought if it were available there. Done with running PC apps in VMWare in this day and age.